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Men's sweater: the watchwords are versatility and choice.
The universe of men's clothing is made up of a few simple rules: quality garments, a skillful combination of shapes and colors, and garments that demonstrate their personality. The men's sweaters are no exception, unique companions of many outfits and available in models for every occasion.
On Groppetti Luxury Store you can browse a complete collection of men's sweaters from top Italian and international brands, all united by the utmost care in workmanship, and by excellence in every detail, whether it's the classic sweater to wear over the shirt, or the timeless polo shirts for the office or the latest trends, such as sweatshirts with whimsical colors and technical fabric data. Choose your men's sweaters now for yourself or for a special gift, taking advantage of free delivery over 100 euros.
Create your style with just a few clicks.
Originally born as informal garments, to be worn only in free time with jeans and sneakers, today men's sweaters have come out of the sportiest contexts and have become part of the daily wardrobe.
The Groppetti Luxury Store collection presents you with the best of the latest creations from fashion houses, allowing you to find many different models to create your look in a simple way and with the certainty of always identifying the garment that's right for you. You can range from perfect sweaters under jackets: with sober and neutral colors, with crew necks or V-necks, able to seal your elegance in the office or at meetings, to warm tricot sweaters in the most varied shades, perfect for being paired with sporty and comfortable trousers for a relaxing day. And what about long-sleeved polo shirts and cardigans? Perfect for any occasion, they fit both classic outfits with straight-leg trousers and lace-up shoes and more original looks.