Customers have the option to choose among different types of payments:

Credit Card

Upon order confirmation customers are redirected to a credit card payment gateway provided by Nexi. Accepted cards are: Visa, Visa Electron, MasterCard, Maestro.

Please visit for further information.

Credit card security

All credit card transaction are processed by Nexi therefore assuring customers with maximum security.
Our staff are not authorized in any way to accept or ask for credit numbers or any other information related.
We warmly advice our customers to adhere Verified By Visa and Mastercard Securecode programs to secure their online purchases.

For further information please visit or

Credit card charges

If availability on the credit card is sufficient to cover the full amount of the order , Unicredit immediately sends a notice of the succesful transaction. Customers will receive an email confirmation. If not the transaction and the order itself will be cancelled.

PayPal payment

Using PayPal customers have the option to pay for their purchases on this site using their PayPal account, if any, or directly with a credit card.
Groppetti Luxurystore reserves the right to accept PayPal payments only from Verified PayPal Accounts.

Bank Transfer

If this payment method is choosen by the customer then the order is handled as "purchase request" and will not be processed until the correct amount is credited on our bank account. Purchase request is confirmed to customer by an email depicting the summary of the purchase and the banking coordinates where the amount should be transferred to: items are secluded but not shipped. Customers should send the payment receipt by fax or by email to within 72 hours (3 days) from the date of the purchase.
If we do not receive the payment within the above terms we will consider the entire purchase process cancelled.
Our banking coordinates are:

Beneficiary: GROPPETTI S.N.C.
Bank: Unicredit
IBAN: IT17O0200853630000102553606

Please always fill the reason of payment with the Order ID as depicted in the confirmation mail you have received at the moment of posting your purchase request.

New customers

In the event of orders from new customers Groppetti Luxurystore reserves the right to ask Unicredit or PayPal to verify the transaction, even contacting the debtor bank, prior to charge the amount on any credit card. This process may cause slight delays in the shipping procedure of your first purchase.

For new customers Groppetti Luxurystore reserves the right to ship merchandise to the invoicing address even if the shipping address may differ.