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Groppetti Luxurystore disclaims any responsability about the possibility that, due to a particular configuration or malfunctioning of the computer or device used by the customer, colors of products depicted in catalog may appear slightly different from the reality. Images published on Groppetti Luxurystore's are protected by copyright and are property of GROPPETTI SNC. Any use of those images outside this site, without prior written consent by Groppetti Snc, will be prosecuted according to law.

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Item availabilty

The assortement available in Groppetti Luxurystore's catalog corresponds to the availability of items for each size and color. On-line store is connected to the warehouses of GROPPETTI SNC.
. When a new purchase request is posted on our site, orders department reserves the right to re-confirm the availability of merchandise, the validity of payment's transaction and verify the details of previous transactions with the same customer, if any. In the event that one or more items may not be available at time of purchase or if the order can not be processed as per the request of the customer , the orders departement will promptly notify the Customer by email.

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